Basalt Creek Parkway Extension

Basalt Creek Parkway Extension Project Description

Basalt Creek Parkway is a new road in the Basalt Creek Planning Area, a 850-acre area between the cities of Tualatin and Wilsonville identified for future development. Basalt Creek Parkway, between Tonquin and Grahams Ferry roads, opened in 2017. 

This project is intended for design of the Basalt Creek Parkway extension between Grahams Ferry and Boones Ferry roads. Basalt Creek Parkway will be a five lane arterial with bicycle and pedestrian facilities, drainage and street lighting. The project includes a bridge across Sealy Ditch and a new signalized intersection at Boones Ferry Road.

Community Participation Organization CPO 5 (inactive)
Commissioner District 3


Project Funding

The is funding for design and right-of-way acquisition, about $6 million, through the Federal Highway Administration and the County's Major Streets and Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP 3e). Estimated total project cost is $31 million.


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