Bronson Road (185th to 174th avenues)

Bronson Road connects 185th Avenue with Bethany Boulevard. There are no paved shoulders on Bronson Road between 185th and 174th avenues.

This project will add bicycle lanes on both sides of the road to provide bicycle access from 185th Avenue to Bethany Boulevard and to the Waterhouse Trail. The project will also replace a 90-year-old culvert that runs under 174th Avenue.

The existing road is 20-feet wide at the culvert and has a substandard guardrail. The new, wider culvert will allow for 5-foot paved shoulders. A new guardrail and other safety improvements will also be installed.

Bronson Road project is funded through the Gain Share Program.

174th Avenue Culvert Replacement project is funded through the Road Fund as part of the Annual Maintenance Plan.

Community Participation Organization CPO 7
District 2


Media Releases

174th Avenue to close Aug. 27


This project is complete. The hyperlinks for this information may no longer be active.