Bull Mountain/Roshak Intersection

Project map with aerial photo

Project Update Mailing - April 2013

  • Postcard was mailed to adjacent owners/residents

Project Update/Open House Mailing - October 2012

Open House #2 (Meet The Contractor) - 7/25/12

Summary: 32 attendees + staff + Bill Sproul from C&M Excavation & Utilities. Attendees asked questions about the project and provided project feedback to staff for consideration. Comments included observations about suggested supplemental signing for traffic approaching the modified intersection. These comments will be forwarded to design and traffic staff for consideration. Several citizens commented on the vegetation overgrowth to the south and east of the project site on Bull Mountain Road causing sight distance and road crowding issues. These concerns were relayed to our Operations & Maintenance Division for consideration.


Presentation to CPO 4B - 7/12/2012

  • Summary: CPO 4B invited our project manager out to their monthly meeting to present an overview of the project. The meeting, which was advertised in the CPO’s July newsletter, was held at the Hudson Plaza at 7 p.m. In addition to the project overview, the project manager was also able to put the word out about the July 25, 2012 “Meet the Contractor” Open House. Approximately 14 people attended the CPO meeting and the presentation. Including audience questions, the project presentation lasted about 25 minutes.

Project Update/Open House Mailing - June 2012

Project Update Mailing - 5/22/2012

Project Update Mailing - 5/7/2012

Project Update Mailing - 1/26/2012


Open House #1 - 9/28/2011