Farmington and River Roads Intersection

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are roundabouts safe?

A. Roundabouts have been shown to be safer alternatives than traffic signals. More information is available from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Q. What criteria was used to evaluate the design alternatives?

A. Standard criteria is used when evaluating intersection treatments.

Q. Why were alternatives north of the intersection not considered?

A. Alternatives north of the intersection were considered in early design meetings but were determined to be more impactful than the alternatives presented during the open house.

Only the northeast option preserved the Cruise-In Country Diner, but that would have required relocating two residents, impacting a business, impacting farmland, impacts to the Farmington Paddle Launch and the road geometry would be dangerous, due to the existing curve on River Road.

The northwest option had large impacts to the Farmington Paddle Launch, significant flood plan impacts, and impacted the diner.

The north-central option would require relocating a resident, larger impacts to the Farmington Paddle Launch, including access issues, and impacts the diner.

The alternatives presented in the open house have no residential impacts, no access issues, only one impacts the flood plain.  The diner could not be preserved due to its location close to the intersection. Farmland will be impacted, unfortunately. 

Q. Why is the signalalized intersection extended farther than the roundabout alternatives?

A. The signalized alternative includes a turning lane and other improvements to address the queue lengths during peak hours.

Q. What will happen to the Cruise-In Country Diner? What provisions have been made?

A. The right-of-way acquisition process will begin in the final phase of design. A Right-of-Way agent will notify and individually work with each impacted property owner to obtain necessary right-of-way and/or easements. More information is available in the Acquiring Land for Highways and Other Public Projects and Moving Because of Highway or Public Projects brochures.