Johnson School Road Bridge over Davis Creek

This project replaced the 21-foot long timber and concrete bridge on Johnson School Road at Davis Creek with a new single span concrete structure. 

The previous bridge was showing signs of deterioration, primarily due to the bridge beams being continually submerged since the bridge is located upstream from a local reservoir. In addition, the horizontal curve near the approach of the bridge along with its narrow width resulted in larger vehicles often crossing over the centerline due to the higher travel speeds of the roadway.

List of completed improvements

  • Replaced bridge over Davis Creek with a longer wider bridge built above the flood plain.
  • Installed abutment and approach retaining walls to minimize impacts to wetlands.
  • Constructed the bridge to 40-feet wide, which includes two travel lanes and shoulders.
  • Added a water quality treatment system for roadway storm water run off.

In addition, this project salvaged 85-foot long concrete girder bridge beams from the Cornelius Pass Road at Rock Creek bridge replacement project. Recycling the beams will benefit the environment and result in an overall cost-savings.

This $2.4 million project was funded through the county's Road Capital Bridge Program.

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