Kaiser/Bethany - Kaiser/Laidlaw Intersections

The purpose of this project was to modify current pedestrian and traffic control and construct safety improvements at the intersections of NW Kaiser Road/NW Bethany Boulevard and NW Kaiser Road/NW Laidlaw Road Intersections in the Bethany area of Washington County. 

Improvements Included:

  • A new traffic signal at the intersection of Kaiser/Bethany and Wismer
  • A new northbound traffic lane on Bethany
  • Traffic signal at the intersection of Kaiser/Laidlaw
  • Realigning Kaiser Road to the west, in order to smoothen the curve south of Laidlaw
  • Upgrading ADA facilities
  • Grading, paving, drainage, underground utilities, signing, striping and street lights

The improvements accommodated long term projected traffic volumes, including the additional traffic from future North Bethany development.

"RRFB's" on Bethany Blvd & Saint Andrews Dr 

In addition to the above improvements and as part of this project, Washington County installed Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB's) at the intersection of Bethany Blvd and Saint Andrews Drive. The Claremont Civic Association provided a portion of the funds for this pedestrian safety enhancement project.

For more details on the RRFB's click here.


This project is complete. The hyperlinks for this information may no longer be active.