Paving (road overlay) projects 2017

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2015 Road Widening and Overlay Project - Road Maintenance Program:

  • 185th Avenue between Bany Road and Farmington Road; minor lane widening and paving (delayed until 2017 for utility relocation) - complete

2016-17 Road Fund Overlay Project:

  • Anthony Drive between Johnson Street and Rock Road - complete
  • Barnes Road between Leahy Road and Baltic Avenue - complete
  • Bronson Road between Somerset West entrance and 185th Avenue - complete
  • Division Street between 149th and 160th avenues - complete
  • Evergreen Road between 275 feet west of 273rd Avenue and Glencoe Road - complete
  • Evergreen Parkway between Cornelius Pass Road and Brookwood Parkway - complete
  • Kinnaman Road between 198th and 209th avenues - complete
  • Oregon Street between Brickyard Drive and Tualatin-Sherwood Road - complete
  • Rock Road between Blaine Dive and Cornelius Pass Road - complete
  • Scholls-Sherwood Road between Stark and Scholls Ferry roads - complete
  • Walker Road between 185th Avenue and Von Neumann Drive - complete
  • West Union Road between 200 feet east of Shoreline Way and Cornelius Pass Road - complete


2017 Spring Road Fund Overlay Project (OPS):


Some striping is pending.

  • 158th Avenue between Schendel Avenue and Cornell Road - complete
  • Cornell Road between Elam Young Parkway west and Main Street - complete
  • Dixon Mill Road between Iowa Hill Road to end of pavement - complete
  • Evergreen Parkway between 185th and 541 feet east of Cornelius Pass Road - complete
  • Fischer Road between Highway 99 and 131st Avenue -complete
  • Gales Creek Road between .062 miles east of Thatcher Road Highway 6 - complete
  • Germantown Road between Cornelius Pass Road and county line - complete
  • Old Highway 47 between 100 feet north of Scoggins Valley Road and 85 feet west of Highway 47 - complete
  • Roy Rogers Road between bridge #19032 and Beef Bend Road - complete
  • Scholls Ferry Road between 85 feet east of Old Scholls Ferry Road and Hall Boulevard - complete
  • Scholls Ferry Road between 650 feet west of Tile Flat Road to roundabout - complete
  • Scholls Ferry Road between roundabout and Highway 219 - complete


2017 URMD Overlay Project:


  • 84th Avenue between Norwood Road to house #22245 - complete
  • 85th Avenue between Spruce and Locust streets - complete
  • 88th Avenue between Dolph Street and Garden Home Road - complete
  • 153rd Avenue between South Parc Street and Laidlaw Road - complete
  • 165th Avenue between Division and Shaw streets - complete
  • Alden Street between 71st and 80th avenues - complete
  • Derby Street between 139th Avenue and Furlong Way - complete
  • Evergreen Street between house #12870 and end of cul de sac - complete
  • Hawthorne Lane between 106th and 107th avenues - complete
  • Knollcrest Drive between Inglewood and Wilshire streets - complete
  • Leahy Terrace between Sundown Way and Leahy Road - complete
  • Menlor Lane between private drive and Barrows Park - complete
  • Oakwood Street between Edgemoor Avenue and Jenkins Road - complete
  • Washington Drive between Hall Boulevard and Taylors Ferry Road - complete
  • Westgate Way between Oxford Avenue and Mayfield Place - complete
  • Westword Street between 188th Avenue and house #19045 - complete


2017-2018 Road Fund Overlay Project:

  • 113th Avenue between Cornell and Rainmont roads - complete
  • 72nd Avenue between Bridgeport Road and Tigard jurisdiction - complete
  • Baseline Road between Cornelius Pass Road and 231st Avenue - complete
  • Bridgeport Road between Lower Boones Ferry and Upper Boones Ferry roads - complete
  • Brookwood Parkway between Baseline and Cornell roads - complete
  • Cornell Road between Murray and Bethany boulevards - complete
  • Leahy Road between Barnes Road and 90th Avenue - complete
  • Leahy Road between 90th and 107th avenues - complete
  • Lower Boones Ferry Roads between Bridgeport and Upper Boones Ferry roads - complete
  • Oak Street between 72nd Avenue and Hall Boulevard - complete
  • Rosa Road between 196th and 198th avenues - complete
  • Scholls Ferry Road between west of rail road tracks to Murray Boulevard - complete
  • Scholls Ferry Road between Raleighwood Lane and Highway 10 - complete
  • Walker Road between Canyon Road and Highway 217 - complete