Road Widening and Paving 2015-16

The 2015-16 Road Maintenance Program includes widening three County roads: 

  • 185th Avenue from Bany Road to Farmington Road (minor lane widening only)
  • Golf Course Road from Tongue Lane to City of Cornelius jurisdiction (widen and pave shoulders)
  • River Road from Farmington Road to Rosedale Road (widen and pave shoulders)

These roads were selected to be widened because of an increase in multi-modal use (cars, bicycles and pedestrians) and use by large farm equipment (Golf Course and River roads). The timing is opportune because these roads are due for asphalt overlay paving.

Local residents as well as traffic moving between population centers will benefit from these projects. These roads are all arterial roadways, traveled by a diverse set of road users.

The work will be performed by a contractor. Also included in this contract is asphalt overlay paving (without widening) on:

  • River Road from Rosedale Road to Oakhurst Street
  • Rosedale Road from River Road to 229th Avenue

No road closures will occur during this work. However, traffic will be restricted to one lane controlled by flaggers. The lanes will be narrow during the widening process. Road users should drive a reasonable and prudent speed for the conditions. Expect delays or use alternate routes during the work.

This work is being funded by Road Fund - Washington County's allocation of gas taxes, vehicle registration fees and weight-mile fees paid by trucks. Road Fund is the county's primary source of funding for road maintenance.


These projects are complete. The hyperlinks for this information may no longer be active.