Springville Road (Phase 4)

Springville Road (Phase 4) logoProject Description

Springville Road, between Joss Avenue and the Portland Community College (PCC) Rock Creek Campus, will be widened to three lanes (one lane in each direction and a center turn lane) with bike and pedestrian facilities, street lighting and improved storm drainage. Two culverts (one east of Concordia Court and one west of Graf Street) will be evaluated for improvements or replacement.

This project ties into the Springville Road (Phase 2) and Springville Road (Phase 3) projects.

This section of Springville Road varies in width and lacks bike and pedestrian facilities. This project will include safety improvements and consistency with adjacent Springville Road projects.

Community Participation Organization CPO 7
Commissioner District 2

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Funding Information

This project is funded for 50% design only through the North Bethany County Service District for Roads.