Tualatin-Sherwood Road-ITS Phase 2

This project will install Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) equipment at all signalized intersections along Tualatin-Sherwood Road between Teton Avenue and Highway 99W. This project is Phase II of connecting Interstate 5 to Highway 99W with ITS along Tualatin-Sherwood Road; Phase I installed an ITS system from Interstate 5 to Teton Avenue. 

Tualatin-Sherwood Road is a critical route connecting Interstate 5 and Highway 99W and is designated as a through-truck route and a regional urban bikeway corridor along with being the primary connection between the cities of Sherwood and Tualatin. Installation of the ITS along Tualatin-Sherwood Road will reduce traveler delay and improve safety along this heavily traveled corridor. 

The ITS consists of video detection cameras that feed data and video through fiber optic cables to and from the County’s Traffic Operations Center (TOC). County traffic engineers operate and maintain the system and are able to remotely monitor the corridor with the information fed to the TOC, allowing them to make adjustments, such as signal timing, to ensure efficient traffic flow.

Project cost is $1.9 million; $1.675 million is funded through the Federal-Aid Surface Transportation Program (Title 23, United States Code). The remaining costs will be funded through the County's Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP). The total project cost includes the estimated cost of design, right-of-way and construction and is subject to change.

CPO 5; Commissioner District 3

Media Release 5/24/16