Tualatin-Sherwood Road RR Crossing

T-S RR picThe railroad crossing on Tualatin-Sherwood Road between SW Oregon Street and SW Gerda Lane had deteriorated and was in need of replacement to ensure the safety of road and railroad users. 

To improve the ride quality for vehicles on the road and to ensure long-term serviceability of the tracks for important freight movement, the rails and underlying support were completely removed and replaced with materials meeting today's engineering standards. The new crossing is expected to remain serviceable for twenty years or longer.

In order to perform the work, Tualatin-Sherwood Road was expected to be closed for up to 72 hours. To reduce future inconvenience to road users and save tax payer dollars, the new crossing was constructed to accommodate possible future widening of Tualatin-Sherwood Road. The existing hardware associated with the gates and crossing arms remains in place.

Recognizing that there is no convenient time to close a rail crossing with high traffic volumes, the county had a traffic study conducted to determine the days when the least amount of disruption would be experienced by road users. The target date for the required road closure also required coordination with anticipated rail traffic and was ultimately selected to minimize impact to the communities of Tualatin and Sherwood. The county is aware of the volume of traffic that uses this corridor and the lack of convenient detours around this location. Every effort was made to complete the work as quickly and as safely as possible in order to reopen the road at the earliest possible time.

Media release: Tualatin-Sherwood railroad crossing replacement finished early (8/23/15)