Johnson Street (Jasmine Place to 178th) URMD Pedestrian and Biking Improvement Project

Question: Are bike lanes included in this project?
Answer: Bike lanes were not included in this project. Project like this one are proposed by the public and then selected by the Urban Roads Maintenance District Advisory Committee, which is a citizen committee appointed to oversee the activities and expenditures of the Urban Roads Maintenance District (URMD).  Bike lanes were not proposed and so are not included.

Question: Will a curb be added?
Answer: Curb is not part of this project. Instead, grass seed may be planted.

Question: How will the sidewalk end or turn at 182nd Avenue?
Answer: Since there isn’t sidewalk on 182nd Avenue, the ends of the sidewalk won’t turn into 182nd Avenue. This sidewalk was proposed to be along Johnson Street.

Question: Will there be plans for sidewalk on the north side of Johnson Street?
Answer: At this time, the County does not have plans to construct a sidewalk on the north side of this section of Johnson St, except for a connection to the existing sidewalk at 182nd.  If properties along the roadway are developed, the development will be required to add sidewalk in front of the development.