West Union/Thompson roads (FY 2018-20 URMD Pedestrian Safety)

Q: Is there any crosswalk/flashing light crossing planned for this project at the Westside Trail Crossing?
A: This is not within the scope of the sidewalk project, but a rapid flashing beacon crossing in this location may be considered as a future project.

Q: Is there any project construction on south side of NW Thompson Road, between NW 143rd Avenue and Bronson Creek Drive?  
A: Construction on the south side of Thompson Road, between 143rd Avenue and Bronson Creek Drive is not planned for this area as part of this project.

Q: Where will streetlights be installed?
A: Three street lights in the vicinity of West Union Road and 148th Place will be installed. Two of the street lights will be on the south side of West Union: one to the west of 148th Place and one to the east of 148th Place. The third street light will be on the north side of West Union across from 148th Place. The purpose of the street lights is to provide illumination in those areas.

Q: Will the four mailboxes near the church at 14885 NW West Union Road be moved?
A: These mailboxes will remain in their current location.

Q: How much of a setback for the sidewalk is possible?
A: A significant portion of the six-foot wide sidewalk will be set back a minimum of seven feet from the nearest travel lane, buffered by a bike lane, six inches of curb and a landscape strip. There are two areas where the sidewalk is along the curb: one nearest the Kaiser intersection and one along an existing electrical vault we need to avoid, but where we maintain required sidewalk widths to ensure safe design. There is minimal horizontal curvature on the road along stretches of the seven-foot buffer, and where there is road curvature we have mitigated safety concerns by designing the sidewalk further from the existing travel lane, increasing the sidewalk buffer beyond the seven-foot buffer.