Walker Road Phase 2 (Schendel Avenue to Butner Road)

Current Activity - design





Past Updates

Activity Update 6/16/2020: An update design map is now available.


Activity Update 12/17/2019:  Walker Road Phase 2 is anticipated to begin construction in early 2021 with completion expected in summer 2023.


Activity Update 10/17/2019: This project is tentatively expected to begin construction is October 2020.


Activity Update 1/19/2019: Project design is nearing completion; right-of-way and permitting are underway. Project is expected to go to bid in spring of 2020 with construction dates dependent on the Jenkins Road project schedule.


Activity Update 6/4/2018: Exhibits from the May 30 open house are now available on the Design section of this page.


Activity Update 2/26/2018: Project schedule is now late spring 2019 thru fall 2020. Right-of-way acquisition will begin in late spring 2018 and is expected to be complete by end of 2018.


Activity Update 5/26/15: Phase 2 of the Walker Road project is scheduled to begin construction in 2018.

In the meantime, Phase 1 of the Walker Road project (173rd to Schendel) and 158th Avenue (Walker to Merlo Station) are moving forward and anticipated to begin construction spring 2016 with completion by November 2016.

The following is a map showing the tentative schedule for all projects in the area, including phase 1 of the Walker Road project (173rd to Schendel). Dates and project limits are subject to change.

Walker area projects vicinity map (as of May 2015)