Property Crimes Unit

Stolen gift cards, watch, laptop case, and gun

Your Sheriff's Office Property Crimes Unit is a team of detectives and one sergeant who specialize in the investigation of burglary, auto theft, fraud, and felony property theft cases. The unit is responsible for the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen or damaged property each year.


Detectives are assigned to cases based on their location, mainly in unincorporated parts of Washington County. Assigning detectives to specific areas is an extension of the Geographic Policing concepts that are also used in the Patrol Division. When a detective and patrol deputies are assigned long-term to a specific area, they are able to build closer relationships with communities and gain familiarity with the criminals who operate in that area.


Our detectives also have the benefit of having their own Forensic Science Unit. This means our detectives work closely with crime scene technicians and criminalists who respond to crime scenes to collect evidence that can be processed quickly in-house.


It is common for property crime offenders to be addicted to methamphetamine, which prompts them to commit crimes that will financially support a drug habit. These same offenders are frequently tied to fraud and identity theft offenders. Therefore, it is common for the property crimes unit detectives to work closely with other county teams such as the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team.