Bicycle Patrol

  Deputy Emond fits a helmet

The Washington County Sheriff's Office Bicycle Patrol Team performs an important yet seemingly invisible mission. This non-traditional form of patrol gives deputies access to places where criminals do not expect a law enforcement presence.


Bike Patrol deputies concentrate on areas that have higher criminal activity during evening and nighttime hours, such as apartment complexes, business areas, and the many county parks.


They address a wide array of law enforcement issues, with a special eye on addressing juveniles who are out past curfew hours. By addressing curfew issues, the team helps to prevent youth from becoming future victims of crime or engaging in criminal activity.


The Sheriff's Bicycle Patrol Team is most visible May through August when people tend to be outdoors, and they often patrol at special events such as the Washington County Fair and the Oregon International Airshow in Hillsboro.


For more information about the Sheriff's Bicycle Patrol Team, please contact Sergeant Timothy Tannenbaum at (503) 846-2700.

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