Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol Picture 2014 web updateYour Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol has been patrolling Washington County waterways and educating the boating public for about 30 years.


We are the only local law enforcement agency with a Marine Patrol in the county. The unit patrols Henry Hagg Lake in the rural west end of the county and the Tualatin River that runs through the county. The fleet consists of two law enforcement vessels, including a 19-foot North River Jet Boat and a 22-foot Boulton Jet Boat.


The Marine Patrol works in partnership with the Oregon State Marine Board and Washington County Facilities and Parks Services Division. While the primary Marine Patrol function is to monitor the waterways and enforce marine and Boating Under the Influence of Intoxicants laws, educating the public on boater safety is equally important to this unit.


Public Education

Each year, marine deputies educate thousands of local elementary school children on boater safety and the importance of wearing life jackets. They also make numerous public education presentations for boating and community organizations on boater safety, boat theft prevention programs, traditional marine law, and alcohol enforcement. To request a presentation for your community group or organization, please contact Sergeant James Haxton at (503) 846-2496.


Boater Education Cards

Please remember that as of January 1, 2009, Oregon law requires that all operators who operate motorboats greater than 10 horsepower must carry a Boater Registration Card.  This card can be obtained online from the Oregon Marine Board.


HIN Inspections

Your Marine Patrol also performs Hull Identification Number (HIN) inspections. If boaters do not follow up on new registrations with a HIN inspection, the registrations are often deleted from the Oregon State Marine Board archives, and boat owners have to start over in the boat registration process.


To request a HIN inspection, you can call non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111 to have a deputy come to you or, better yet, flag us down at Hagg Lake and we will take care of it on the spot!


Deputy Training

Washington County's Marine Patrol Deputies must complete an 80-hour marine patrol training course and annual update training in advanced marine patrol and education techniques. Your Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol has received numerous awards for excellence in marine law enforcement and boater safety education.



For more information, please contact Sergeant James Haxton at (503)846-2496.

Sign at Henry Hagg Lake.