Electronic Home Detention

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The Sheriff's Electronic Home Detention Program is an alternative custody program that allows low-risk inmates to serve the last portion of a jail sentence at home, making more space available in our jail for inmates who pose a greater threat to our community. This program also allows inmates to work and to attend school, medical appointments, and drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment.


While on Electronic Home Detention, inmates wear an ankle bracelet that allows jail staff to track their movements in the community using the GPS technology. Participants must have a pre-arranged weekly schedule, and must remain within the 50-mile radius of the Washington County Jail and in Oregon. Participants are subject to random home visits and cannot live with anyone who is on parole or probation, or with one of their victims. All weapons, alcohol, and illegal drugs must be removed from the residence, and all adults must consent in writing to searches by law enforcement before the inmate starts the program.


How to Apply

Inmates interested in electronic home detention must fill out an application and meet stringent eligibility requirements. There is no application fee and selection to the program is not automatic. Participating in the program is a privilege that can be revoked at any time due to negative behavior, program rule violations, or inability to pay required fees. If revoked, inmates will be returned to the jail.


What are the Costs?

Inmates must pay the costs associated with Electronic Home Detention. These typically include a $30 processing fee, an up-front deposit of $150, and a $15 (minimum) daily fee.


Eligibility Requirements

Each participant must meet the following basic eligibility requirements to participate in the Electronic Home Detention Program:

  • The inmate must have been sentenced in Washington County, not another jurisdiction.

  • The sentencing order or sanction must allow for alternative sanctions or specify that the inmate is eligible for electronic home detention.

  • There must be more than ten days remaining on the inmate's sentence or on the parole or probation violation sanction.

  • The inmate must have completed all recommended programs or be exempted by a programs manager

  • The proposed residence must be verifiable and within Washington County. Inmates may not leave the State of Oregon.

  • Job searches or job sites must be within the 50-mile radius of the Washington County Jail and in Oregon.


Automatic Disqualifiers

The following conditions will normally disqualify inmates from participating in the program:

  • A custody hold by another agency, a direct contempt charge, or a pending transport order

  • A pending extradition order

  • A pending hearing for sentencing, parole violation, or jail discipline

  • Applying while serving a disciplinary sanction

  • A history of:

  • Escape or unauthorized departures

  • Sex offenses

  • Repeated drug charges or convictions

  • Domestic violence

  • Mental health problems

  • Violating release agreements or restraining orders

  • Patterned failures to appear for court proceedings or court ordered programs

  • Criminal or institutional behavior that suggest violent or assaultive tendencies


Can Inmates from Other Jurisdictions Apply?

Inmates sentenced in another jurisdiction are not eligible for the Electronic Home Detention program here in Washington County. Out-of-state sentences eligible for local service may qualify for the Work in Lieu of Jail Program.


For more information about Electronic Home Detention, please call (503) 846-6857 or Sergeant Jake Sehorn at (503) 846-6802.