Gangs and Graffiti


Collage of gang graffiti

Not all young men who slouch around wearing baggy pants and looking surly are gang members. Not all graffiti is gang graffiti, nor does it necessarily mean that your neighborhood is unsafe. For instance, about a year ago, some juveniles were arrested for tagging the letters "TKS" on someone else's property.  Other than committing criminal mischief by doing the tagging, these young people had not been previously involved in the criminal justice system.


However, there are gangs in Washington County, and it is important for citizens to know something about them.  Your Sheriff's Office has a wide variety of information available on this site.


Visit the IGET page – learn about gang enforcement, gangs in our area, tattoos, and graffiti.


Visit Graffiti Hurts - learn how graffiti affects a neighborhood, how to stop it, where to get help, and cleaning methods.


Visit the Graffiti Eradication Program – learn how we use jail inmates to remove graffiti in public parks, common areas, and even to help an elderly or disabled homeowner.


Read A Guide to Gangs in Washington County (Un Guia Sobre Pandillas en el Condado de Washington).  Provided by Community Outreach, this is a guidebook for parents and other caring adults that you can print and share with others.