Disabled Parking Enforcement

Disabled Parking Enforcement VolunteersYour Sheriff's Traffic Safety Unit includes a Disabled Parking Enforcement Program. The program is unique in that it authorizes volunteers to take direct enforcement action by writing citations to motorists who ignore the law. Volunteers receive 8 hours of classroom training, and a minimum of 40 hours of field training to prepare for this assignment.


The most common violation cited is for parking in a disabled parking space without a disabled person parking permit or for unauthorized use of a disabled person's parking permit. This group responds to citizen complaints and actively patrols business parking lots throughout the County.


Common Disabled Parking Violations

Access Aisle ViolationORS 811.615 Unlawful parking in space reserved for persons with disabilities, including:

  • parking in the reserved space

  • parking in the lined access aisle

  • parking in a space reserved for Wheelchair User Only without a Wheelchair User placard


ORS 811.625 Unlawful use of a disabled person parking permit


ORS 811.627 Use of invalid disabled person parking permit


What You Can Do

You can report drivers who illegally use disabled parking spaces - just send us a photo of the violation which shows the license plate. We will send them a "Dear Fellow Motorist" letter explaining what behavior has been observed and the fines that would apply. Please include the location, date, and time. You can submit Traffic Complaints online.


For more information on becoming a volunteer for the disabled parking enforcement program, contact Volunteer and Intern Coordinator Sara Serna at (503) 846-2525.