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Metzger Park Sport Court Renovation Project  

Most of the amenities at Metzger Park were built in the 1970’s to suit the tastes of the community at that time. While many of those amenities still provide smiles and enjoyment for park users some do not meet the current recreational tastes and needs of the Metzger community. Over the last decade the demand for basketball court space has far outpaced the capacity of the existing basketball area. The court is undersized and overly utilized. Often this means there is not enough space for people to shoot hoops, especially young children and families.

The Metzger Park Local Improvement District Advisory Board, comprised of Metzger residents, has championed a renovation to the sport courts and increasing the size of the basketball court.

Over time the sport court renovation project will:

• Meet modern community recreation demand for more basketball court space

• Add a youth only basketball hoop

• Provide new safety buffers and a fence to keep balls from rolling into the street

Rehabilitate the tennis courts

• Renovate the existing tennis court

• Provide future amenities such as seating and a shade structure

• Enhance the walkability of the park by adding a path from 82nd Ave into the park interior

• Create a place for the Metzger community to socialize, recreate, and exercise

The Metzger Park Sports Renovation project drawings * are available online. They include the site plan; demolition, grading, and drainage plans; the construction plan; irrigation and planting plans; and elevations. *These drawings are subject to change.


The Metzger Park Local Improvement District Advisory Board(MPLIDAB), the Metzger Park citizen advisory board comprised of local residents, has been advocating for this project for many years. This concept has been discussed at the MPLIDAB's monthly meetings for years, and was presented to the Metzger community in a variety of ways including at National Night Out and during the development of the recent Metzger Park Management Plan. Through this outreach and seeking to solicit input from as many Metzger residents as possible, Washington County Parks found broad community support for this new project.

In 2017 Washington County Parks applied for, and received, a $75,000 Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Local Government Grant. Support for the grant was provided by the MPLIDAB, the Metzger Elementary School PSO, Sen. Ginny Burdick, Rep. Margaret Doherty, CPO 4M, and the Washington County Board of Commissioners. The matching funds will be furnished by the Metzger Park Local Improvement District Fund which means no new taxes or additional fundraising will be necessary to complete the project.


Washington County Parks has developed the first phase of the project, adding the basketball court and path. It is anticipated that construction will occur in Spring/Summer 2020.

Questions? For more information call Washington County Parks at 503.846.7000.


Metzger Park is a seven-acre, fully accessible Park set in a forested environment and conveniently located just minutes away from Washington Square, at 8400 SW Hemlock Street Portland, OR 97223 (Corner of SW Hall Blvd. & SW Hemlock).  The Park is available for public general use at no extra charge. 

The Park features a variety of outdoor play equipment complete with outdoor basketball hoops, tennis courts, and playground including a slide, swings and other play structures as well.

The Park also includes 1,500 feet of interconnecting, paved pathways suitable for walking, exercise or nature watching.  Nine picnic tables are scattered throughout the Park and two horseshoe pits are available for use as well.

For questions regarding the Patricia D. Whiting Hall at Metzger Park, please contact the Park's Office at 503-846-7000.


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